Can't log in after 0.40 upgrade

After upgrading HA to 0.40 using the AIO instructions, I cannot log in to my HA page. I can get to the log in screen through DuckDNS, but I get an “Unexpected error” when I enter my password. I am also using letsencrypt, and my certs are still good. The home-assistant log doesn’t show anything other than “Setup of ___ is taking over 10 seconds” for sensor, cover and switch. I have tried rebooting HA through command line as well as rebooting the Pi it is running on. Also removed power from the Pi after shutting it down to no avail. The status of HA shows as “active (running)”.

Anyone have any ideas? Is there other logging I can look at?

Use journalctl to see the console logs (journalctl -u home-assistant)