Can't log into HA App on iOS - NSURLErrorDomain -1003

Hello there,
So far I only used the Android App without any problems. But now I need to integrate three users with iphones. So far so good. The App found the IP used and they could login.
Now I switched over the instance to use Let’s Encrypt and the “NGINX Home Assistant SSL proxy”. On android I just switched over from the IP to the now used URL without any problems.
On iOS I get an “NSURLErrorDomain -1003” error and can’t login.
The URL (and it’s DNS) is only available within a specific network that all these devices are in. Using Safari I can easily get to the website and also login. So what is the app doing differently?

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Have you fixed it? I am getting the same error. I can login via local network as well as domain name using https

-1003 is a DNS error, which means the hostname you’ve provided can’t be resolved. Check your DNS server configuration as well as the hostname you have set to make sure they are valid.

I can open home assistant using web browser with no issues. I can login both locally and via the It’s just the iOS app that is throwing error being connected to the same Network via the same router as my laptop.

Are you using the same URL? Manually entering it may work around a typo in your config. If that doesn’t help you can export logs and drop them here and I can take a look.

enable data in home assistant app settings on ios (phone settings not in app)

Where is this?

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Hello Fahashery,

Have you been able to solve your problem?
I have the same problem as you and it doesn’t work with Nicols07 solution.

Thank you

Hi Zacwest,

I have the same problem as Fahadshery. I’ve posted the log file. If you can help me. I thank you.
Here is the problem: