Can't login after update to 0.83.3 anymore

Hi all,

I just updated from 0.81.2 to 0.83.3. For some reason I can’t login anymore, as the following error message is displayed:

You're about to give access to your Home Assistant instance.

Logging in with **Home Assistant Local**.

Error: Something went wrong

I don’t get any error messages in Journalctl… Any ideas?

Edit: Solved it by deleting the .storage folder…

I have had several problems, all solvable. Yesterday this error occurred to me and I thank you. Get access to the ./storage folder, and delete it. Then restart everything. When I started, I opened the home page, as if it were the first time … I loaded everything I needed and managed to access, but I had lost the lovelace … so to solve, recover everything by loading the last valid backup. Thank you