Cant make motioneye camera stream live on hass lovelace

I have a pi with hassOS, and another one with motioneye on docker. In motion eye, I still cant get it work with SSL certificate, so the stream link of camera is like http://192.168.x.xx:8024 or (which worked in browser), I also installed motioneye integration, but the camera from the integration just work in auto mode ( update picture every 10s ), not live mode.
I try to get the stream link from motioneye, then add it to hass with generic camera platform and mjpeg camera platform but it still dont work.
What should I do?

I have the same issue, did you figure out the solution?

same here, it is maddening
update: I managed to get it working but had to remove ssl from the addon and also the basic login from the camera setup inside the addon. then I had to not use the integration but use mjpeg to get the stream into ha then used doods image recognition for the motion (person) tracking