Cant media_player.play_media on MPD

Hey everybody.
i have tried for a extended period of time to get the mad media player to play a certain mp3 (doorbell, ding dong)
I can send a tts to mpd and that works without a hassle.
I can play the specified mp3 on both the other media players (sonos, webos).

The mpd server is running on a raspberry pi zero W running volumio.
my config looks like this.

# Volumio
  - platform: volumio
    name: volumio
    port: 3000

  - platform: mpd
    name: volumio_mpd

anyone here has a working setup?

EDIT: when i tri to do a service call { "entity_id": "media_player.volumio_mpd", "media_content_id": "https://xxxx.myDomain.hass/local/audio/doorbell-1.mp3", "media_content_type": "audio/mp3" }
I get NO error and I can see on the media player entity that it is playing the right mp3 but no sound is playing?