Can't open HA after stoping during restart process

I wanted to restart HA but take severals minutes so I stop it during process then I can’t open IP:8123 anymore. I think the SD card in the raspi went bad so reinstall on a new SD card. After raspi reboot the IP is different but still can’t load to the IP:8123.
Not sure what to do?

If you have flashed a new sd-card, you have to wait at least 20 minutes for HA to show.

Yes, after flashed and display a while “starting eudev- 3.2.9” I type root then login to activate and look for my IP from the mobile FING app. No success to open with the IP.

Does it make sense that Raspi is connected but can’t open HA with the IP adress ?

SOLVE now. I have no idea what was wrong. I have flash the Raspi with last updated HO and then display shows differently. It appear the same IP address and works back again. I had to register my name, home, location,… like at the start up and get back to my account again. Did someone de-bug my account or something?