Can't Pair any Z-Wave devices

I haven’t setup any Z-Wave devices so I’m not sure if there is a step I am missing…

I have the “Aeotec Z-Stick 7 Plus” it’s showing up as “ZST10-700” and I updated the firmware to 7.19.2.

I go to “Configure → Add Device” and then “Add a Z-Wave Device” shows up. I’ve tried pairing 3 different Z-Wave devices and nothing ever shows up. (The devices are all right next to the Z-Wave stick)

Is there something I’m missing?

on what machine do you run HA?

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Raspberry Pi 3 Model B

seen this?


Check the region of the controller. Updating often resets it to the wrong value. It’s mentioned in the Aeotec instructions.

Check your powerlevel settings at the same time. I presume they should match the values show in the screenshot, which I have copied:

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Ok, I didn’t have “Z-Wave JS UI” installed… trying to install that but I’m having issues getting it to connect to the port…

Be sure, you do not install both at the same time. If ZwaveJS is still installed, the USB port is already in use. They can’t coexist.

And, if your issue is lack of extension cable and you leave that unsolved, both of Zwave versions won’t work, how hard you try. If your problem is radio reception, you can’t solve it with any software.

Make sure you follow all of the instructions, completely:

  1. Z-Wave - Home Assistant
  2. addon-zwave-js-ui/ at 5ff4872985ac2a612ab4568499b448bc047c527b · hassio-addons/addon-zwave-js-ui · GitHub

Also a guide here: Switching Z-Wave JS Addons with Minimal Downtime! Z-Wave JS (Official) to Z-Wave JS UI (Community)

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Ok, I disabled Z-Wave JS and enabled Z-Wave JS UI and then I was able to set it up. Once I was in there I was able to look at the settings and sure enough the power levels were both set to 0 and the RF Region was set to Europe. I switched the settings to the ones recommended above.

After that I couldn’t figure out how to add any devices using Z-Wave JS UI. So I switched back to Z-Wave JS and sure enough my devices paired no problems!

Thanks for the help!

I guess you missed the big blue plus button?



You can also keep ZUI installed and still use HA for adding nodes, etc. There’s almost no reason to stick with the official add-on. If you ever have Z-Wave issues, you’ll realize why, as it provides no debug capabilities.

Hmm, pretty sure I clicked that and it didn’t have any useful options, but I can’t be 100% sure… either way as I only have one Z-Wave device I’m using right now the UI seemed overkill… If I plan to add more later I can always switch back.

Now that I have actual Z-Wave devices added can I still switch between the two add-on without any issues? (I didn’t want to test it since things are working now)