Interference blocking zwave hub

I have a Zooz zwave hub (500 series I think) plugged into a usb 3.0 port on my Raspberry Pi 4B and it has been working without issue. Except all of my zwave nodes were reported as dead after I plugged an usb ethernet adapter into the neighboring usb 3.0 port. As soon as I unplugged the usb ethernet adapter then pinging my dead nodes brought them back to life.

I’ve search online and cannot find anyone experiencing something similar. I understand that this can be an issue with zigbee but I haven’t seen anyone discussing it with zwave.

What’s the solution? I’ve ordered a usb 3.0 extension cable and plan to move my zwave hub away from my Raspberry Pi to avoid the interference.

Any thoughts?

Search on this forum will result in a confirmation, that you made the right decision. It is a well known fact around here, that Zwave coordinators and RPi USB ports are not good friends together and dividing them by a extension cable already helped many people from their headaches :wink:

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What we do on ZigBee for similar issues is, buy a long USB2.0 extension cable and use that to distance the hub from the USB port.

Might work for you with little cost. Make sure it’s a USB2.0 extension instead of a USB3.0 one.

Thank you @BebeMischa and @samuelthng I bought a long USB 2.0 extension cable and it solved the problem!

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