Can't pass connection Test with APS ECU-C and APsystems ECU Integration

I’m trying to install APsystems ECU integration. My ECU-C is configured with Static IP, i can access to admin page using this IP but i get nothing with command APS1100160001END. I’ve tride to reboot many times but nothing changes…Any idea ??

@tonejay62 If you are using this integration: GitHub - ksheumaker/homeassistant-apsystems_ecur: Home Assistant custom component for local querying of APSystems ECU-R Solar System and you are troubleshooting the connection, make shure to apply the portnumber 8899. Do you see the ‘open’ message? ECU-C types must be ethernet connected to your LAN. Sometimes the use of terminal and NC command does not work, in that case just configure the integration using the UI.