Cant ping hassio from another pi

Hi all. I have two RPI 3 b+'s. One of them has just hassio on it and the other has raspbian with snips and a respeaker attached. Both pi’s are connected via ethernet to my router. They both have internet and both work as expected (almost). My Hass Pi also has Samba installed and operational

I can Ping my hassio Ip address via my laptop and i get no errors. I can also see in my router that the Hassio pi is connected and as mentioned Hassio is working fine withinternet etc. However from my Raspbian Pi that has snips on it i cant see any devices by using

  1. sam devices <–( returns no devices)
  2. ping Hassio IP address <— (can’t find the Ip on the network)
  3. $ arp -na <-- doesn’t show any reference to the HassIO Pi
nmap -Pn Hassio-IP-address

the last Nmap command is the only thing that finally acknowledges it exists and returns this :

Starting Nmap 7.40 ( ) at 2019-07-23 20:27 AEST
nmap scan report for hassio.lan (
Host is up (0.15s latency).
All 1000 scanned ports on hassio.lan ( are filtered

I’m not fluent on linux commands and such so still learning but wondering if there is a reason or a test i can do to be able to ping my Hassio please ?
Actual reason for the question is i’ve bridged my snips to hassio via MQTT however there’s no indication that either are connecting to each other and thinking that may have something to do with it ?

pi now requires sudo for ping

thanks for the reply, still fails though unfortunately

What are the respective ip addresses?

Are they both on wired ethernet, or wireless, or mixed?

Both are on wired ethernet via a router that has a mobile sim so therefore all I can see is local ip addresses such as (that format for both devices)