Can't ping network device from HA (is pingable from host)


I run HA inside VirtualBox on Win11.

I’m failing to add a device with error “can’t connect to device” so I figured should try ping it from the terminal inside HA, and I couldn’t…

I can ping this device from my host, but get package loss from HA.

Below screenshot shows pinging three different devices from host and the same devices from within HA terminal.

Any idea what can be wrong?

I noticed the TTL is longer on the failing device. Can that be related?


Most probably network issues. To narrow down enable only one network interface ipv4 and put fixed IP address with proper MASK.

Go to settings–>system–>network–>
a) enable eth0 if you’re using cable, keep only one interface enabled.
b) Put IP address e.i.
c) Put gateway e.i. (that’s router’s address)
d) Put DNS (can be router’s address if router is propagating that)
e) Click save of this section
f) Scroll down to the bottom and choose adapter (don’t allow autoconfig). Click save.
g) Allocate this IP address on the router (bind MAC of HA to the IP address you have chosen)
h) Restart router, restart HA

I had the same problem pinging a Windows 11 machine that was turned on. Solution was in the Windows Defender Firewall. Instructions and source:

Open Windows Defender Firewall and select Advanced Settings in the sidebar. Switch to Inbound Rules via the Getting Started page or the sidebar. Find the rule named “Core Networking Diagnostics - ICMP Echo Request (ICMPv4-In)” with Profile of “Private, Public” (unless you’re on a corporate domain…). You can right-click the rule and Enable Rule.
You might also want to do the same for the IPv6 version named “Core Networking Diagnostics - ICMP Echo Request (ICMPv6-In)”. I don’t know why Microsoft decided to disable these by default.

Source: networking - Cannot ping a Windows 11 machine - Super User