Can't randomly connect to Home Assistant local IP or external Nabu Casa URL. Only host reboot fixes it


I have Home Assistant OS installed on a NUC with Nabu Casa to be able to connect from outside.

Since I updated core to 2024.1, and randomly once or twice a day, I am unable to access Home Assistant. I am now in 2024.2.0b3 and have the same issue.

When I access through the IP inside the house I get “ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED” error.

When I access through the nabu casa url inside the house I get “ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED” error.

Similar error when trying to access with the app on the mobile at home through wifi or outside through 4G.

In all occasions, when I connect to Observer, I get healthy and connected green status.

The only way to solve it is to physically reboot the NUC.

According to @agners, it looks like an issue with “Home Assistant Core. Home Assistant Core provides the web server which is running on port 8123, so it seems that Core is no longer serving anything”.

Supervisor and Core logs available here:

Thanks in advance for your help!

Your Appdaemon addon is dying quite a lot and in rapid success, so my guess is the clean up takes time and the addon is then restarted so many times that your system run out of memory.
Try to disable that addon and see.


Thanks. Will try and report.

I can confirm that, after disabling Appdaemon addon, issue is still there.
Any other suggestion?
Thanks in advance for your help.

I was all I could see in your logs.
I can not see the filename of the logs, so I can not see if its your current run or the previous one you have posted.
The previous run, where the error occurred would be the interesting one.

Thanks for your reply.
The logs I posted are the ones right after the last hang & reboot, before disabling Appdaemon addon.
Would you like me to provide logs after hang & reboot with Appdaemon addon disabled?

So the logs are the .1 named ones?

first one is Supervisor log, the second one is Core’s.


Here you’ve got core and supervisor logs right after rebooting the host due to lack of connection.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Those only shows the current run.
We need the home-assistant.log.1 from the config library

I had similar issue with my installation on HP T640 on proxmox. In my situation setting static DNS pointing to helped. I set it in proxmox. Not sure how it is related to local access but I found it somewhere in a local forum and it helped.

Here you’ve got it. Thanks again.

I am using a dedicated NUC with HAOS so not sure this applies. But thanks anyway.

Could you rename it to just .log instead of .log.1
Dropbox will not preview it otherwise and require an account. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Here you’ve got it. Thanks!

You got a lot of errors in that file, especially with your telegram setup.
Start from the end of the file and work your way up looking at all the error lines.

I think I have found it: the Bambu Lab integration.

I tried disabling Garmin integration first and, afer 6 or 7 hours, got the connection issue.

Then I disabled the Bambu Lab one, and no issues for more than 24 hours!

Will wait one more day but I believe we found it.