Can't re-onboard my phone app

Was having trouble with the phone app… I uninstall from the phone, delete from the integration… now it doesn’t show there…

I reinstall the app… and it just connects up! as if nothing ever happened… but … it doesn’t show up in the mobile phone integration! It’s not a device that’s recognized… there’s no device_tracker entry. What do I do to get the phone registered?

Also just noticed that when I reinstall it and it connects up on its own… it seems to have the Device Name the same as my old phone! So I think google is doing something dumb where it’s restoring old config files when I install the app?

But then, if I go in and delete all the data from settings > apps in android… then the next time I run it it tries to onboard, but when I click the instance it just hangs… nothing happens, the onboarding doesn’t occur. The only thing that works is uninstall the app and reinstall and then it magically reconnects.

Follow this method to completely remove all traces of your mobile:

Great. I will try that!

" * Open known_devices.yaml and delete the (probably last) entry consisting of a 32-character unique ID, representing the device_tracker of your device. This step may not be necessary as the entity may already be removed after step 3."

I don’t find a known_devices.yaml file anywhere? where should that be?

I think honestly the phone is deleted from home assistant now. I can’t find any trace of it… But I can’t re-onboard either… After entering my URL or just clicking on teh discovered instance… it goes to a blank screen an stays there forever

Weird, so I went off to a Dr appt… when I came back I was able to onboard my phone… I have no idea what changed.

Probably some kind of cache expired somewhere…