Can't reach HA from Internet

I was having problems with the router part of my Motorola MG7700 so I disabled the router part and started using a TP-Link AC1750 for the router. Everything works except I can no longer reach HA from outside the network. I can access other devices like the Lutron hub from the Internet. Is there something special I need to do to get to HA from the Internet using this configuration?

You need to set up the port forwarding again.

I did on the new router. Internet IP:443 > HA Server IP:8123

You’ve checked the obvious things?

  • Hostname still resolves to the current WAN IP as shown in the router’s admin page?
  • That the IP you’re forwarding to is correct?
  • You only have a single subnet (network), not multiple?

The wifi on the Motorola ended up being the flaky problem. The fix was to disable wifi on it and use the TP-Link setup as an access point for wifi. Thanks for your help.