Can't reach HA under http://homeassistant:8123/ (Windows)

I flashed HA OS on a SD card successfully with raspberry pi imager. I put sd card into the raspberry pi 4. Connected with LAN. Connected with power. But I can’t reach HA under http://homeassistant:8123/ (Windows).
If I look at my router configuration then I see HA connected (LAN). It’s a re-installation. I’m ooking for some help.

did you try http://homeassistant.local:8123/ ? and you can always use it’s ip-address.

Yes I did, and I can’t reach it on both ways.

if you can see HA connected in your router, you can also see what IP address it uses…
so try http://[IP-address]:8123 !

(does it reply to ping?)

Put a monitor on the HA installation and see what it says.
The installation might not even be done yet.
GitHub can at times have issues and the installation needs to download files from there to finish.

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@Wally: You might be right. At the third time flashing HA on the sd card it works. Thanks for your support.