Can't rename devices after Core update 2022.2.2

anyone experienced the issue when trying to rename devices after the core-2022.2.2 update?
I can still rename entities but when I’m trying to rename a device I can enter the desired new name the first time but when I click SAVE it will stuck. After that I’m unable to even try to write the new name on any device.

I have the same problem. No solution, though. Sorry.

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Same problem here.

Same here.
Replied on another post about same issue last night.
I can’t rename main device, but can rename any of it’s entitles.

I just installed the auto backup that was created before updating to 2022.2.2.
I left the Folders and Home Assistant configuration unchecked, so only 2022.2.1 core would change back.
That seems to fix it.

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same issue for me

the issue was reported here


Same here.

Same Here!

Same here.

However, even though it doesn’t look like it has ‘saved’ the new name, it is changed after a restart.

Thanks! Worked for me too!

Also can’t rename my devices after 2022.2.2.

Same issue; can’t rename or change the room of a device.

With today Core update the issue seems to be fixed!

I’m on 2022.2.5 but the issue persists…

Edit: Scratch that, seems to work fine all of a sudden.