Can't reply to specific posts in a topic?

I seem to be having an issue on this forum where, when I click the “reply” button below a specific post within a topic and then type & post a reply, my posted reply is just general to to the topic. Here’s the latest one I posted:

When I was typing that reply, the upper left of the dialog box showed that it would be posted as a reply directly to rodolf’s comment, which is what I wanted:


However if you follow that link to my reply it clearly was just posted as a general reply to the topic.

Am I doing something wrong here? I’m having the same issue when using Chrome on a PC or on a iPhone. I may use this thread to test out other browsers as well.

Clicked this button and started typing:

Let’s see what happens.

Clicked the general reply button:

Let’s see what happens now.

quoted part of the previous post. Maybe this will show up as a reply?

Replying to the previous post using MS Edge

DuckDuckGo on iPhone

Safari on iPhone

Try replying to me.

If you reply to a “commend” and your “reply” turns up direct under the other persons “commend” , it doesn’t get “marked” (in your view) as answer to that “above” Commend, it¨s only if there are other “answers/commends” in between,
So stop spamming your self :slight_smile:

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here is an answer to your last commend, with my first inbetween

This is normal. If you reply to a post that is > 1 post away from who you’re replying to, you’ll see an indicator showing who you reply to. If your post is 1 away from who you’re replying to, it will just show as you replying to the thread. The link is still there and the person gets notified, it’s just visual at that point.

Testing reply

Thank you!

Thanks, I was not astute enough to figure out the pattern on my own!