Can't reset Z-wave network / devices dead

I was playing around with customize.yaml abit, and doing multiple restarts of HA. I don’t know how it happened, but at some point I found a completely blank HA overview, and none of the z-wave devices was listed anymore.
I tried several restarts and restoring the the config (although I highly doubt my changes in customize.yaml could have done this), but without success.
In my desperation I ended up completely reinstalling HA, which now leaves me in some kind of broken z-wave state, and I don’t know how to reset everything and restart from scratch.
I already called remove node on all devices, and also reset all 7 devices to factory settings. But whenever I start HA, the z-wave settings look like this:

I even installed ozwcp, and it looks like this:

In OZWCP the reset command results in errors in the log, and soft resetting has no effect. I have no idea how to make the network work again. What should I do? :disappointed_relieved:

did you factory reset your z stick too?

And you have a completely fresh install of HA?

What version of HA?

Actually I was able to do a reset now, after it didn’t work earlier.

I rebooted the pi and also removed the z-wave stick, and after re-inserting I directly called the ‘reset’ in OZWCP. This actually cleared everything, and I was able to re-add all devices normally using HA.

The stick itself does not have any reset button, so I was bound to use some software method. Although I am unsure if the stick actually stores anything on itself, or where the z-wave device info is persisted.

can you only use software to pair the devices to the stick? there’s no pair button or anything on it?

Where are you running OZWCP from? I thought that was removed from home assistant a while ago.

Yep, only software. I have this stick:

Theres no buttons whatsoever on it, so for any operation I need to use the software.

For OZWCP … I just downloaded it and compiled it from source. But now its all working again.

Somewhere I read that using a hard reset would not be good, and that it can be dangerous. Is that true? Because thats what I had to do :thinking:

I’m not sure what could be “dangerous” about it. But you will lose your z wave configuration on the stick. If you have enough devices and you have to add them all back then some might find that dangerous. especially if they are prone to fits of rage when their stuff won’t work! :rage::smile:

That wasn’t a problem. I only have 7 devices and im starting with all this anyway right now.

But I will move my setup from my pi 2 to a new pi 3, in which case the stick will of course also be moved. Will this retain the configuration, or do I have to start over from scratch?

In other words: Is the stick actually having a persistent storage which survives cutting the power?

The stick stores the inclusions (but not the network key for the secure inclusions), so you can move it from one device to another and the list of devices will follow the stick. Just ensure that you copy over your network key if you’ve used Add Node Secure.

Cool, thanks for the info :slight_smile: