Can't see energy meter in Energy dashboard input lists

I have two related utility meters, one appears in the dropdown lists for adding to the Energy dashboard and the other does not and I have no idea why. All are energy meters and the working one shows an updating total and history in its entity inspector while the unavailable utility meter shows an updating meter but no history.

Here is inspector of the non-working meter:

The value in the top right is incrementing in the inspector (34.01 is now 34.23) but you can see it does not display any statistics which the working meter does and I suspect may be related to the problem. But if I select ‘Show more’ the history is there and looks correct for a daily energy meter:

Here is what I see from the return to grid option, filtering for the daily energy meters:

If anyone has advice it will be much appreciated. I have added and deleted the related utility meters and integrations without luck and am baffled while the solar energy to load is working but the very similar solar energy to grid remains unavailable.

In customize.yaml, add

    device_class: energy

Had to do the same for my water sensor, but then with device_class ‘water’

Thanks for the idea, I can try that tonight but looking at the states in developer tools section the meter seems to have that defined:

And that meter that is working:

They seem to be identical except for the source so why can I use one but not the other?

I had a similar issue.
The utility meters seem pretty buggy if there’s no tariff defined (despite the documentation saying leave empty if only a single tariff is needed).
Try adding a tariff and it should work fine.

I had exactly the same issue as this, and, having banged my head against a wall for 48 hours decided I would give up! If a solution is found, I’d love to know what it is!

Well I tried adding a tariff but no luck so I broke down and added the utility meter via a YAML file and it shows up and I seem to have the Energy dashboard setup and working. I will revisit this at some point but time to get the meters for the various monthly and yearly totals I would like to track done.

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