Can't See Logitech Harmony Devices as Entities

Hello I’m new to Home Assistant and been blown away by how awesome it is.

I have two harmony hubs that are both static IPs set at the switch, Home Assistant discovers them just fine and can control the activities, which also work just fine.

However the devices inside the Harmony are discovered and I can see them in HA -> configurations -> customizations id link another screen grab but its not letting me because i’m a new user, ill see if i can post it down below.

but they don’t show as entities.

I have looked through the integration documentation and spent a fair amount of time googling the issue as well and can’t seem to find anything on it. Any help would be much appreciated.

here is the screen grab that shows that HA has discovered the devices

The devices themselves don’t get added as entities, only the Harmony activities.

Judging from your screenshot you should have two entities, something like: switch.theater_watch_bluray and switch.theater_shield_tv . Turning that switch on will start the activity and turning it off will end it.

You can see which entities the integration is responsible for on the Configuration -> Integrations page, clicking one of these links will show everything:

thanks Sean, and yes ive looked at that.

So there’s no way to control an individual device in the Harmony Hub from Home Assistant? the documentation implies otherwise, where it lists the devices it found and then shows you how to send a command to one of those devices.

Yes, it’s possible to control individual devices. For example if you wanted to send a “rewind” or “pause” command to your Blu-Ray player, you could do that.

But there won’t be any pre-made entities for that kind of stuff. You have to create the ones you want manually using the remote.send_command service calls (as explained in the Harmony documentation).

Some people create individual scripts for each command, while others just add the service data as “Actions” in Lovelace cards. It can be a little tricky for a beginner, but if you get stuck there’s lots of people here who can help.

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alright i think i got it.

while HA discovers the devices, they’re not added as entities, however I can still reference them in scenes/automation/whatever by doing something like this:

service: remote.send_command
    - Switch input (dont know the exact command yet)
  device: MonolithHTP1
  delay_secs: 5

thanks for your help. I was confused at to why I can see them in the config but not reference them directly as entities.

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There should be 2 harmony_*.conf files in your Home Assistant config directory (one for each hub) that will list out all of the possible commands for your devices and activities (and they’ll get updated if you update the hubs with new devices/commands). I use them for reference whenever I need to add something Harmony-related to a Home Assistant automation or lovelace card.

here’s a small portion of one of mine as an example of what you’d be looking at:

    "Activities": {
        "-1": "PowerOff",
        "37245714": "Watch TV",
        "37245797": "Watch Fire TV"
    "Devices": {
        "Amazon Fire TV": {
            "commands": [
            "id": "59673856"

And a lovelace card tap_action example:

  action: call-service
  service: remote.send_command
    command: Back
    device: Amazon Fire TV
    entity_id: remote.living_room_harmony
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just wanted to update the thread and say i got the exact scenario i wanted working.

alias: Theater Music
description: ''
  - platform: device
    device_id: 15d275da03999cb491607b538eb8e162
    domain: media_player
    type: playing
condition: []
  - service: remote.send_command
        - InputAnalog1
      device: 71018124
      delay_secs: 10
mode: single

scenario, the sonos port has a 12v trigger to turn on equipment, but nothing to change the input to the one sonos is plugged into. It turns on and then home assistant changes the input and works perfectly.

thanks everyone for your assistance.

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