Can't see lovelace cards

Hi all, tis is probably a very noobie question. I have downloaded through HACS some frontend integrations like the vertical stack in card and others but can’t seem to find them on the list when I am adding a new card in a dashboard. What am I missing?

Not all of those cards are available in the list.
You’ll have to rely on the documentation of the developer.
For you exemple, the vertical-stack-in-card, here is what I do:

  1. Create a regular vertical-stack card
  2. When you’re happy with it, edit as yaml
  3. Replace
     type: vertical-stack


     type: custom:vertical-stack-in-card

Ok, so that worked but what about all other frontend integrations??? Except the Mushroom Cards all other cards do not appear in the list. Here are some I have and can’t see

Text Divider Row
Shutter Card

Do I have to add something to my configuration.yaml so the custom cards are visible?

As I said, no, you have to follow the instructions from the developer.
Like for this one

I.E. the shutter card says that if I download through HACS everything should be in place but I don’t see the following lines in my configuration file, shouldn’t those lines be somewhere in the configuration file?

url: /local/text-divider-row.js
  type: module

I’m very new to HA and kind of confused.
Most of the time, instructions for integrations are not straight forward and seem to be only for experienced users. I have seen many times something like “put this in your code” and there are so many files that you could place it but never mentioned. I am an enthusiast so things like that don’t discourage me but I can see someone not using HA just because of instructions not being specific.

No, it is automatically included, as said by the developer.
You can see it there (exemple from my configuration)

Settings > Dashboards > the three dots at the top right and select Resources

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Yes, probably right, but it is like so, usig custom stuffs are like that.
You’ll, most of the time, need to use the “manual card” and copy/paste the exemple from the github of the developer. Sometimes, after that, you can switch back to UI mode but not always.

EDIT: When you’re going off road, get a map and a compas ready.
But you can also count on the community to try to help you as much as we can.

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