Can't see my daughter's Roku TV

I’m trying to setup my daughter’s Roku TV in Home Assistant and I can’t get it to discover it.

Unless I have in my configuration.yaml file (Roku isn’t ignored in Discovery):

   - host: {ip_address}

The service command roku.roku_scan doesn’t exist. But even if the command is available, running it through developer mode’s service interface, I get

Failed to call service roku/roku_scan. 'DeviceInfo' object has no attribute 'userdevicename'

I’m able to ‘control’ the TV through commands I found on Reddit but that only gives me a switch I can turn on/off the TV. Surely the Roku integration is better than that so what am I missing here?


Roku show input change, power in/off, pause, ff and rw

Discovery may fail if Roku and ha on different networks.

What do you mean by ‘different network’? My HA is wired and her Roku is wireless but both can see each other and on the same subnet ( Using curl I can turn on and off the Roku from HA but that’s all I can do since it is seen as a switch. This tells me they are seen on the same network.

If you remove the configuration.yaml stuff and enable discovery, is it discovered?

If I remove the lines from configuration.yaml, the service roku.roku_scan isn’t available in Developer mode.

This is what I have under Discovery

  ignore: # Devices to ignore
    - google_cast
    - igd

what model roku tv is it?

I have a roku tv that recently started doing this, while it worked fine before.

I wonder if they pushed an update that broke something. I don’t know what that might be.

I also get the same message when running roku_scan.

power cycling the TV (pulling the plug) gets it to show up for a while, but then it goes away, all the other rokus in my HA (6) work just fine with discovery. the broken TV is my newest one, so the firmware may be the issue.

When you say the other rokus work fine with discovery, what exactly happens when one is discovered?

shows up as a media player with all the normal options for that.

Yeah but what happens on discovery, do you have to do anything more? Or is it just discovered and then appears all by itself?

you don’t have to do anything, it just shows up using the name of the device from your roku account.

my tv seems to be working now since I changed to a different wifi network. we’ll see if that keeps up, I think I tried that before and it only lasted a while, but for now it’s working.