Cant see zigbee gateway from HA - but I can see it from my phone (Smart Life)

I have installed a virtual KVM HA server (on a ordinary PC). HA is working fine, but something doesn’t work (or I just wont understand it).

I have a Zigbee Gateway (nedis WIFIZB10WT). On my phone (Smart Life) I can add it on, and after that I can see and control my Zigbee Thermostat.

I just cant see the zigbee devices in my HA. I have installed MQTT (it runs as core-mosquitto). I have not set up a tuya account since it mess stuff up (it says I have 2 active projects, which is wrong).

If my phone can control my Thermostat, why can my server? What do I need to do to make it work? OR should I buy a USB-dongle (WIFI/MQTT) hardwired to the server before I am able to make stuff work?

I have used many hours trying this and that - but nothing works…

I have tried a million howtos…there is something very basic I think I must be missing…

If you want to use Zigbee, the best you can do is to get away from proprietary zigbee gateways and invest in a Zigbee USB-dongle to connect to your HA. You will get freedom to connect to many different devices (and not only the Tuya based ones) and your setup, regardless if you use ZHA or Z2MQTT.
Note that I mentioned “Zigbee” USB-dongle, not a Wifi USB-dongle.

If you want to try a bit more with your Tuya gateway, you probably will have to invest in the path thru IoT Tuya site using either the Tuya or LocalTuya integrations.