Can't seem to access the docker with HA from another pc or the HA android pp

Hi guys,

I have HA on a docker.

I cannot access it from my laptop or HA app on the same wifi network.

docker IP 172.17.x.x.
pc IP 192.168.x.x

I opened the port on the firewall still no luck.

https:// 172.17.x.x:8123
https:// 17.x.x.x:8123

and other combinations.

n.b.d this is not
just homeassistant on the docker

What config am I missing?
Do I need to configure the network settings in portainer?


either set the option for the container to use the host network

  • docker command line configuration is --net=host

or map (the option is actually to “publish”) the port on the container

  • docker command line configuration is -p 8123:8123

Thanks for that.

Haven’t had any success yet.

I see the portainer is on a bridge network with ports 8000 and 9000

The HA container is on a bridge network with port 8123.

If I enter the HA container and try to add it to the host it does not allow me to.

try various command line entries from powershell but haven’t had luck yet.

First, no need to hide your ip addresses, these are local addresses.

What do you mean with

which firewall?

Did you try to acces it through http://192.168.x.x:8123?

Can you ping 192.168.x.x from the machine you trying to access HA?

Seems to be working now with http://192.168.x.x:8123 but now I can’t remember my password!


I’m in!!!

Thanks guys!

Just for your info, the IP starting with 172. is the IP generated by docker and used in the docker network, that’s why you couldn’t access it from another machine.

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