Can't select "Backend-selected" theme after switching

Hey there,

I noticed a little bug in the HA Android App.

When you have a couple of themes in your installation (in my case I got the Caule-pack running) and you select any theme other then “Backend-selected” you won’t be able to switch back to “Backend-selected” since this option is always the first entry in the list and probably hidden behind the title bar.

Only resetting the app to defaults fixes the issue.

Tested on a Pixel 5, Android 11, Home Assistant Companion 2021.6.2-full.

can you reproduce in chrome for android?

Yes just tried it, same result.
The first entry of the dropdown is always hidden behind the title bar.

EDIT: Tested around with it a little more, this actually only happens when the Theme-Input is in the lower half of the screen, since then the dropdown opens from the Theme-Input upwards.
When scrolling down a little, so the Theme-Input is in the top half of the screen, the dropdown will open from the Theme-Input downwards and I can select every entry.

This is an HA frontend issue, check open issues on GitHub and if you don’t see it open a bug.

I confirm this issue on Chrome for PC. It’s not an android-only issue.