Can't send eventghost request from home assistant

hi everyone,
so I have been trying to setup home assistant and eventghost to turn on and off my computer remotely.
Here is my configuration.yaml :


  - name: PC

    device_id: f3fcbcefd6324cf7a92f7e43@@@@@@

    api_key: 7e10e2c8ba514426bac9ee@@@@@@

following is my scripts.yaml :


  alias: pc_off


    - service: joaoapps_join.computer_send_tasker


        command: shutdown

and finally my switches.yaml :

- platform: wake_on_lan

  name: "Mathis-PC"

  mac_address: "AC-E2-D3-52-A3-F7"



    service: script.pc_off

I followed this tutorial : Use Home Assistant to turn your computer on and off | JuanMTech
The name of my PC on Join is : ‘PC’
Whenever i go into developer tools and try to call the service :Joaoapps Join: pc_send_tasker to test if i can send a message to eventghost, I get the message : Failed to call service joaoapps_join.pc_send_tasker. Unknown error
Any help is appreciated, have a good day :slight_smile:

Give the mqtt plugin in eventghost a go, works really easily

Or try the HA Workstation plugin, it’s what I use now instead of eg