Can't set color in RGB light


can’t figure out how to set the color for an RGB lightbar (Lidl Lightbar

All that comes out is some blurred white-ish color. Color picker wheel doesn’t really work as well.

This is what’s in my script:

  - service: light.turn_on
      entity_id: light.lightbar
        - 255
        - 0
        - 0

And this is the state after running that script as reported by zigbee2mqtt:

    "brightness": 26,
    "color": {
        "x": 0.7006,
        "y": 0.2993
    "color_mode": "xy",
    "color_temp": 160,
    "linkquality": 134,
    "state": "ON"

What am I doing wrong here? Thank you!

Anyone? Don’t know where to start here…

same problem.
seems to be a known issue for these lamps and nobody knows an answer or fixed it…
I am not very deep into coding. But if you set a Color and turn the lamp off and on again by hand, it gives a nice color.
If i trgger a specific scene, one of the lights also produces a color and turns off the white leds inside the bar.

I have the same issue