Can't Setup IOS App

The HA app on my phone stopped working about a month ago. The screen says 403: Forbidden and has the set-up cog wheel in the bottom right corner. My wife’s iPhone says the same thing. I deleted the app and the integration, downloaded the app and tried to set it up again. I entered the ip, signed into HA, allowed permissions, but when it trys to setup it says “Error. Response status code was unacceptable: 403”. I get the green check marks on everything except the last one “sensors configured”. It just sits there and doesn’t proceed. You have to kill the app to get out of it. When you go back in it again says 403: Forbidden. It adds the mobile app config just fine, notifications and location work fine too. I’ve been accessing HA currently through Safari but would like to get this corrected. I have a Nabu Casa account and also using DuckDNS for Wireguard so currently using my DuckDNS address to access HA. What am I missing here?