Can't setup Samba

Hello folks so I am running both openhab and ha on a linux server. I setup samba on openhab through changing samba registry. Now when I properly configure samba on HA through the addon still only my openhab folders show up with no HA directories. Is there a way I can add HA root folder manually to Samba registry? Please note that Samba addon loads with no errors on HA. I also access the folders from windows with no port number just typed in my RPi4 ip address.

Ok my HA samba is missing its children now:

Could not find child 69 -- ignoring netbios connect: name1=UBUNTU 0x20 name2=ALI-SURFACE 0x0 netbios connect: local=ubuntu remote=ali-surface, name type = 0 Could not find child 72 -- ignoring