Can't share google assistant?


When enabling the test the share button no longer exists. Is there a way around this?


Bump. Anyone know how to share this with others? This page indicates there is a share button but it is gone now.

I have the other person set in the Google Cloud Platform set to have viewer rights to my Home Assistant project however the person is still unable to see the test app.

Bump again: This still doesn’t work.

Its been a while since I’ve set mine up but since then a lot has changed on google’s side. The best I can remember is that once you set the project up you need to add users on the Console so they can be part of the service. Then have them login under their google account on their device, go in, and enable testing. Of course this could all be wrong because I’ve set mine up somehow after the share button was removed but mine does work as it should.

Anyways. Once the user is added through the console they should be able to view the project and test. After that it should show up in their Google Home app on their device.

hope this helps.