Can't start using the macOS app, stuck on first screen

When the app opens, the “Welcome to Home Assistant” screen is loaded, the house is drawn, and then, everything is greyed out. Nothing is clickable or usable. I tried clicking the Continue button before the screen is greyed out while the house is drawn, but nothing.
I can only force quit the app then, since it’s entirely unresponsive.

Anybody that has any idea what is going on?

Are you quite sure your Home Assistant server is up and running? Mine took a very long time to start on a Raspberry 4 with an SD card - say more than just several minutes.

The start takes some time, but the installation might take MUCH longer than what you might expect, because sometimes there are issues with GitHub and the installation needs to download files from there.
Either connect a screen to your HA installation to see what it says or let it sit for a day or so.

Thanks for the replies, but I think you misunderstand. This is about the macOS companion app, not HA itself. The server is definitely up and running and fully accessible. I have other devices where the companion app is running perfectly on (macOS, iOS, and android devices). My server is also accessible through the web UI.

AFAIK, the companion app at this point should be fully installed when the .app file is in your Applications folder. That horizontal line seems to be like it’s some sort of overlay that’s not showing properly for some reason to me. It’s also very strange that the app just isn’t closable at all for some reason. That also makes me think something is being shown, or trying to be shown, but isn’t actually fully visible.

Does the above make sense?

Ok, I was so sick of it I messed around with it. One review on the app store said to use safari temporarily as your default browser. That didn’t fix it. But I did see a highlighted button in that small bar (the blue color at least). I could also see the blue small bar jump around when tabbing. And then: esc button. And the grey overlay was gone and I could continue.
It’s definitely something in the UI that messes up, 99.99% sure of that now :slight_smile:

Knowning Apple, then it is probably a notification about security. Maybe it needs some access rights, maybe it is a certificate issue or something like that.
I do not have an Apple device at the moment, so I can’t say here what rights might be needed.

What version of macOS are you on? Did you install the build from TestFlight or GitHub? Does Home Assistant > About work, and can you share which version number it is?

At least one other report of an issue that looks like this was resolved with updating macOS.

The same happened to me literally out of the blue:

  • MacOS 13.1 (22C65), machine uptime ~one week
  • Companion App 2022.10.1 (2022.424)
  • App window greyed out and totally unresponsive
  • MacOS menubar works (except ‘Quit’, must force quit); debug log records time of starting app and one line about monitoring some zone, otherwise empty

Reboot did not alleviate problem. App reset did, however. Weird

I’m fairly certain this is any alert on top of the app, and it’s happening right now because the app is seeing an update available which causes an alert to be shown. Did you install from GitHub originally? Did you reinstall a newer build to reset the app?