Can't turn off iOS location notifications

I have 3 zones and get notifications when entering and exiting each one. I don’t want these.
When I deselect the “Enter notification” and “Exit notification” for each, this works, but only temporarily.
If I touch “About” then go back into location settings these options are back on again.
Is this a bug?

I mentioned this in my status update:

Realm, the database of choice, has a major problem in that anytime that you attempt to update a record and the update you provide doesn’t have a value set, it will be set back to its default. This manifests itself in many ways, such as state not being properly updated, as well as your location zone settings being reset.

It’s a known problem with an upcoming fix.

Great, thanks.
Sorry, I read that post (thanks!) but didn’t notice that item. I guess I scanned it and wasn’t paying enough attention.

Is there a way to disable these yet? I’m not finding it…

There will be in the next version, coming out this week.