Can't turn on/off zigbee devices on HA Yellow after home network IP address change... Error: failed to call service light/turn_on. connection lost

Hi Everyone,

I recently had to do an IP change for my HA yellow from x.x.x.201 to x.x.x.6. Once my home network came back up, my zigbee motion sensor triggered a zigbee light to come on (as normal) but then after that, Turning on/off any zigbee light via dashboard gets this error:
Failed to call service light/turn_on. connection lost

I shut down the yellow for ~30 mins, then I disabled zigbee (via integrations) all together for 8hrs. Still having this issue. Any thoughts/ideas are much appreciated. TIA

ZHA or Zigbee2MQTT ?

The standard ZHA on HA Yellow

What does your log say.