Can't update HA and system crash randomly

Hi Folks,
first things first, I’m not that firm into all that computer and coding things, but I try to give my best, so please have some pity on me. To my problem:
Since a few weeks, my HA crashes randomly (from couple of times a day to once a week) and it wont update anymore. It’s stuck on 2024.5.0 any when I want to update it, or even try to restore a backup, it crashes and stays there. I can’t see anything helpful in the log. Where can I upload it?
Home Assistant is running on a RasPi 3b+
It would be great if someone could help me this this!
Thanks in advance and kind regards

Common problems with devices is bad power supply. The common specific problem with RPI3b+ is the lack of memory. I would suggest first thing to do is to search the forum for how to increase the swap file size to 2GB and then see if it more stable.


And some additional things you can try:

How to Troubleshoot Raspberry Pi Crashing.

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