Can't update Supervisor to 2021.11.5


im currently in trouble with my HA setup. Its build on a raspi with installed raspian and a docker.
HA runs in docker and some other containers (nginx, teamspeak) and a pihole instance (no docker).

Since a week or maybe ten days my logs get bigger and bigger and i got a warning that my storage will be empty soon (less than 1gb). i already ordered a bigger sd card but this only fixes my problem temporaraly. i think the log problem has to do with Home Assistant (could possible be last update to 2021.11.3)

So i thought maybe its this release which makes the problems and wanted to update to the newest version. but i can’t update. it freezes my whole system and i need to pull the plug to get it running again.

Another strange issue is that home assistant tells me that i used 18GB of 29GB but running ncdu in root folder tells me i used 12GB. where are the other 6GB? logs are getting very huge so i delete the older ones.

i have no real idea where to look and how to fix it. i am thankful for any tips or help.

Try running

ha su repair

to clear your overlay space.


i did this and it kind of freezes my system again but i waited some time if it comes back

this is what i get: ha su repair
Processing… Done.

Post “http://supervisor/supervisor/repair”: context dealine exceeded (Client.Timeout exceed while awaiting headers)

So it gave me around 6% of used space.

Im confused if this command did the job or not because of the error. is this only a cleanup command or does this auto repair my system?

Did you checked your logs? Is there something in which points you to the problem?

I don’t know in which logs this would be. Searched in my supervisor logs and there were no errors. Maybe they are gone after restarting the system?
And in Standard HA logs nothing related seems to be there. which log would be the top candidate to look into?

After the command “ha su repair” it kinda seems to stay at a stable usage of my disk.
i will check that later if this problem is solved

So somehow i am on the current release right now.
I let it run and it doesn’t show me a success but im on 11.5 now and the file usage stays the same.

but i think there are some files which can be deleted. when i type in cli the ncdu command it only shows me 14 GiB but Home Assistant tells me i have 19 GB in use.

whats the best way to find out what ar the missing GB?