Can't update to core-2021.1.5

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I installed Home assistant supervisor on docker raspberry pi 4 running ubuntu server every thing was working grate till i found this notification “The Supervisor detected that this version of Home Assistant could be insecure in combination with custom integrations.” and also i found that their is a new update for home assistant core to be 2021.1.5 when i try to install it it gives me an unknown error “Failed to update Home Assistant Core Unknown error, see supervisor” and I can’t find any log for this error.
my problem now is that I cant connect to “Home Assistant Cloud remote connection” since their is security issues in my system so the Remote control auto disable.



See the supervisor panel shows that your system is unhealthy and unsupported. As far as I remember you won’t be able to update as long as your system is in an unhealthy state (unsupported doesn’t matter for updates, and you are not able to change it unless you switch from Ubuntu to Debian 10). Click on “Learn more” next to “your installation is running in an unhealthy state”, do see why it is unhealthy and take the necessary steps to make it healthy again.

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