Can't use python commands with home assistant


I’m new with Home Assistant and just installed it on raspberry pi 3b+. I don’t have much knowledge of linux enviroment but have been played with raspbian and arduino yùn earlier. Basically I always have been followed tutorials and suited these to my own needs.

But now i’m stuck with Home Assistant as I can’t follow tutorials because python commands wont work. When I try to run commands pip, pip3, python or python 3 it says command not found.

I foud documentation about the case It says that python 3 should be preinstalled. Instructions wont work as any of the commands cannot be found. There was a link to download the python but no instructions how to install it.

Python scripts seems to work when running test scripts from UI services section (python_script).

But i’m little bit confused how to get python working in terminal.

What i’m trying to do is to install library of RuuviTag as it’s not offically supported
This also requires bluez library.

All of the tutorials related to this are using python commands and cannot figure out what’s the problem. Just wondering can anyone help me?

How did you install it?

If you used the pi image you are running home assisatnt os which has a limited and locked down host operating system. This uses addons for extra programs. These are run in their own docker containers.

You may be better off with one of the other installation methods if you want to run other programs not available as addons.

I flashed the image to sd card. In other words followed the instructions of ha documentation Is the alternate way documented somewhere?

If you install the SSH & Web Terminal addon you can install other packages there… but it depends on what you want to do as anything you do in there won’t be persistent if you close the terminal

I guess you could also use the Portainer addon if the app is available for Docker.

I will have to consider if I change to supervised installation with raspbian. It would be then much easier to use python and other stuff.

I tested the Portainer but had no glue what to do with it. But I got the main idea about container structure of the os.

I got more simpler solution for my problem. I found custom addon for Ruuvitag from git hub that can be installed without any pip commands. This will be my solution for now.

But anyway, thank’s for your advices and intructions for alternate installation methods.