Can't view logs, get ipp fault message

I’m new to HA. Have set it up on an RPi 3, and am just setting it up.

Trying to read logs, using the icon from ‘settings/system’ in the sidebar, I just get the following error.
I have not set up any printer, ( although HA found mine ), and I was expecting the log to show onscreen anyway.

Home Assistant Core

2024-04-16 09:59:27.917 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.ipp.coordinator] Error fetching ipp data: Invalid response from API: Timeout occurred while connecting to IPP server.

Problem solved !.

The ipp.coordinator message was the only entry in the log, but I thought it was the response to the actual log request.( I said I was new to HA ! )

Now the log has more entries, and I can now see how the log screen works.