Capability to conditionnally execute alexa command

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I use alexa integration for some security action. I think it could be great to have something like automation yaml definition for conditionnally authorize alexa command.

  - condition: state
    state: 'home'

Result of this piece of yaml, no action from alexa voice control will be accept if I’m not home.



You could do this with making everything a script/automation and add a condition…

Hello, I have many devices (about 40) listed in alexa yaml file, I don’t think it is the most efficient to make 40 script with condition.
Maintenability will be hell.

So you have 40 security devices?

No but if you consider roller shutter, do I must make 102 script for each roller shutter ? One for each available percentage, one for down and one for up ?
I can understand you don’t see any good reason for this feature, but it can be usefull for some of us.