Capacitive Touch Switch Button

I’ve bought this nice Capacitive Touch Switch Button with LED lightning:

I’ve connected it to my ESP8266 and setup a GPIO Binary sensor in Esphome and it works nicely. When I touch it, it lights up and sends state ON. When I touch it again, it lights off and sends state OFF.
Is there a way to remotely toggle its state and turn LED on/off?

How do you control the button ? do you have a GPIO for the LED ? Wiring schema of your system ? :wink:

Looks like you’ll need to hack it. Cut traces. Slider wires etc. You’ll have to figure out if the led transistor driver base is pulled up or down (if there is one) etc.

The button has three pin connections, one for VCC, ground and third one goes to GPIO2 pin. I thought maybe there is some trick to fix this programmaticaly, because cutting and soldering will not work for me.

Looking at it the led lighting up is part of the device. As above you’d need to mod the circuit, I know my one has two options, which can be changed with a zero ohm resistor or link on one of the pads.

I first saw these devices in Pete Scargill’s tech blog. It states that you can change them to momentary (just as @cooljimy84 said)

Did you get it working? I’m trying to do similar. I have PIR (AM312) and capacitive touch switch connected to SonOff Basic (older version).

Unfortunately not.

If by “it” you mean controlling the led separately from the switch, I think that is not possible. This is not a display component plus a switch, it is a switch with an accompanying display that relects the state of the switch.