Capture Amazon Dash button press

Prime day at a guess

Has anyone got these working with HASS using SSL?

SSL shouldn’t have anything to do with it as it’s all local.

I’m using dasher which needs to send the rest command via SSL. I’ve seen a post on Reddit got a workaround but couldn’t get it working.

Don’t profess to understand the ins and outs of this but had a quick look at the dasher readme and it shows examples using the local IP.

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Hi folks. If you’re using I have created an Amazon dash button add on.

Not sure how it compares with @danimtb add-on. I was using Dasher already so decided to create the add-on when I moved to

Choice is good :slight_smile:

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@danimtb’s is really simple, removing the need for many of the dasher options. Yours is obviously a full dasher experience with more scope for customisation. Don’t know if how they work in the background is different or not?

Is the need to set the config via ssh because you haven’t yet set up a accessible config yet or a limitation of the way Dasher works.

Thanks for the input.

Not sure wish you mean by needing ssh? You mean that config is not via hassio addon option/ config ui?
If so, it’s because I simply mapped a volume so that the existing json config file that dasher expects can be used.
If you have the dashio samba addon installed then no ssh/terminal work required… just create dasher dir in config dir and place dasher config.json there.

Based on your comment I would say that dasher addon is for people that either have existing dasher config they want to use (that’s me), or who want to take advantage of the other non-ha related dasher capabilities.

For anyone else who just wants to work with HA they should probably use the @danimtb plugin.

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Quote from the second line in your announcement post above… ”you will need SSH access to your hassio host”

Ah right. Got you.
It’s needed to scan for buttons to get their MAC address - same as what does in dashio. If you have other way to scan e.g. DHCP lease log on your router the no need for that.

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Got you too :slight_smile:

I do indeed get them from the router and set up DHCP reservation before getting to HA.

Hi all!
I have just created a post introducing Dasshio.

I have also updated the Readme documentation inside dasshio repository!

Thank you so much for your feedback :smiley: I hope you find dasshio useful!

Nice! Although I think dasshio is easy to use as you can configure your Dash via web interface.

But I agree with you: Choice is good

Thank you for sharing! :smiley:

I have a couple Dash buttons working successfully in Home Assistant. Can someone explain how to eliminate the daily email from Amazon Replenishment telling me to complete the order process.

I use the parental controls on my router to stop them having any access to the internet

They eventually stop on their own after a week or two, IIRC.

Either do as @klogg suggested or set up a gmail account with associated Amazon account just for them and don’t sync it anywhere.

I do both :slight_smile:

Thank you for your thoughts, I’ve had the Dash buttons working for months (6?) and they still come. I currently have them filtered to the delete folder but I thought there was a way to stop the buttons completely from talking to Amazon. I will look into the parental control feature.

If your router doesn’t have parental control features or you want/need to manage access from HA directly take a look at this topic (arpspoof):

I have my FingBox doing this for me but I’m thinking of moving it off the cloud and into HA.