Car charger approved for refund of electricity tax in Denmark with *local* HA integration

Does anyone have a suggestion for a car charger that can be used for refund of electricity tax (“elafgit refusion”) in Denmark, that also has a LOCAL (not cloud) HA integration?

I’ve been using an OpenEVSE for some years now (which does of course have full local HA integration), but I think it is worth the cost upgrading, but everything I find seems to require cloud for integrating with HA - if it even does integrate. What I have looked at so far:

Anything that needs Monta app needs cloud, such as:

  • Zaptec (e.g., “Go”)
  • ZAPP (e.g., “MaxiChargee”, " Trydan")
  • Webasto (e.g., " Next")

Every Easee, I think needs cloud, looking though the community posts and this repo?

EvBox and the like (I think this is using the OCPP?) can typically not maintain two connections, so you can’t integrate with HA while still allowing the company that will refund to monitor, rendering them useless for this.

So, is this just a pipe dream? Or can you find the level of functionality that you have in e.g., OpenEVSE in something that is still compatible with tax refunds?