Car sensors from android auto

Hello, I see that the smartphone sensors include those related to android auto. When I have the phone connected to my electric car (Opel Corsa-e) the sensor says it is connected, but the other sensors are not available. Do you know why?
I tried looking at the car settings but I couldn’t find anything. I would like to be able to read the battery percentage.

These were discussed when originally added. Support was put in but it’s completely up to whether the manufacturer supports it ot not as to if you will see data.

Most of us don’t see anything there adn you won’t be able to change anything to make them suddenly start showing data. It either works because your car supports it or it doesn’t.

after you enable them you then need to launch the HA app in the car…every time you get in to get the data. There is no way around that but you can send yourself a notification to open the app to make it easier.

from there the sensor may stay as unavailable but may also show as unknown, look at the status attribute for each sensor to see the status if its been implemented or not. In my Subaru Ascent only the model sensor works to pull the car name, everything else is unimplemented for me.

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