Carbon footprint sensor?

It is not moving much at all - I have my real time emission measures in place and track externally still for Scope 1,2 and 3 (spreadsheet).

I was planning on coming back to this at some stage though.

My next basic goal is to set up a homeplate/inkplate dashboard and after that is done and I can share dashboards around the house I will come back to this to display emissions on those boards.

How, and what, are you tracking here? As another reason for pausing this (other than plain old busy life getting in the way) was I couldn’t find a nice place using home assistant for a manual “logger” (e.g. after a purchase putting a CO2EQ value in to track).

As getting a good way to track scope 2 and 3 emissions in this one place on home assistant is a goal for me (scope 1 emissions are zero for us but I’d love to make that easily visible for all folks for all emissions).

Hi @ryanfobel, This looks very nice. Can you share the details to get this dashboard set up?



Did you ever find out - as I too would be interested - how to ‘augment’ the default energy dashboard ?

Thanks :slight_smile: