Card floorplan in full screen (vertical)

Good evening, I am transferring the floorplan version to a floorplan card. The previous version I was able to view it in full screen (vertical) but in the card version no.
I added the style code but the card, starting from the center of the screen, is enlarged but it comes out all the way to the right.
Is there a way to make the card be placed on the top left instead of the top center?
This is the style code I have at the moment.
Thanks, Alberto

  stylesheet: /local/custom_ui/floorplan/floorplan_card.css?v=1.1.14
style: |
  svg {
  height: auto !important;
  width: auto !important;
type: 'custom:floorplan-card'
id: system
panel: true

here’s what i mean