Card for Tasmota light with RGB?

I just installed 4 Tasmota-driven RGB light bulbs, and they are working great! (I’m using Tasmota 8.5.0 and the MQTT integration.)

However, I can only set the color, saturation, etc. via the bulbs’ individual web interfaces, not through HA. In Lovelace, I only get a toggle switch, and if I pull up the dialog, only a brightness slider is shown.

Is there something special I need to do to inform HA that these bulbs are RGB so I have more control?

I see there’s a version 9.5.0 of Tasmota available now, is that upgrade required to do this?

If possible, I’m also interested in creating a “meta” light that abstracts the 4 bulbs as one light. Individual control is nice, but generally, I want to turn them on/off and change colors consistently (they are installed as back yard lighting). Is this fairly easy to do?

UPDATE: Upgraded the lights from Tasmota 9.5 Light (what I had initially installed) to the full version, and now I have color options!