Card in entity-row

Does anyone know of an entity-row that can display a card in its contents?

…The reason I ask is there are instances where it would be easier to add a card to an entity row (so I can hide it easily for eg with the fold-entity-row for eg)

You can place anything into an entities card. You just need to use the ‘under the hood name’. what card are you trying to place in the fold-entity-row?

Lets go with the vertical stack … since I could shove a bunch of stuff in it … how do I find out the “under the hood name” so I can add more cards in the future?


Ahh found it … you use the names here:

custom:{filename without extension}

… how do I remove the border on the card though … I have used lovelace-card-mod before, but am having no joy with a card embeded within the entity-row :frowning:.

Thanks again

No longer works with 0.107 … any ideas?


see Lovelace Card Preloader