'card-mod' CSS Style to remove white background on marker/entity_pictures on Map card

Hi there,

Is there anyone out there who is savy with CSS/style elements and would be able to tell me what I need to add under ‘style’ in order to remove the white background from the entity_picture on the Map card?

I can make the changes in Chrome Inspector but struggling in regards to adding this as a ‘style’ element



Any solution on this topic ?

Unfortunately not yet. I asked around on here and the Facebook group but had no replies

(Yes the image is a transparent PNG)

For other people who wan’t to change the map layout. This works for the default lovelace map-card.
To change layout of the marker use the extra javascript module card-mod.

To install go to

Further instructions read there to install etc. To add a use full marker create a person with a tracker (the person can be a person or a device). Add a custom marker via customization in your configuration.yaml.

   entity_picture: /local/[something in your www folder in your config folder of HA]

details on custimazations for home assistant:

To create a special marker in your card add this below your title in the code of the card:

        ha-map $ ha-entity-marker $: |
          .marker {
            border: none !important;
            background-color: transparent !important;

Have fun