Card_mod problem after upgrading Home Assistant to 2023.10.0

I’ve upgraded Home Assistant to 2023.10.0 and I lost a couple of views of my Dashboard. Trying to rebuild them right now, but running into a card_mod problem which was not there before the upgrade!

See screenshot below, I’m getting the error message: property card_mod is not allowed! What am I doing wrong?

And the configuration.yaml file I’ve the following:

And I’ve upgraded the card_mod.js file to the latest version as well! What am I doing wrong?

style should be indented under card_mod. So:

  style: |

And the url should be “/local” not “/config/www”.

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Thanks for the suggestions, but unfortunately that doesn’t solve the problem, see screenshots.

Other suggestions ?

And where should the card_mod.js file be stored? Currently I’ve it in: /config/www/community/lovelace-card-mod/card-mod.js

If your config works, and this is only about the error messages in the vscode addon, i think you have to live with it.

Nope, the config doesn’t work. The text on the button is not displayed at a smaller font size, unfortunately

Hi dude, did you managed to solve this?

I was on the same boat and noticed that if you got card-mod installed from HACS in the card page on HACS there is a little step by step config tutorial where it says that you must specify the path like this:

      - /hacsfiles/lovelace-card-mod/card-mod.js

I’ve already done this way and it worked.