Card that just calls generic script with parameters

Can I define a card that does nothing more than specify (call) a service (script) and its parameters (data/service_data)?

I’d see it generically if there was a service-call card as:

type: service-call
 # script that generically defines the buttons
service: script.firetv_button_def
    # child script that the button_def calls
  - service_name: script.plex_to_livetv
    # other elements that populate  the button and the downstream command
  - service_parameters:
      icon_name: mdi:plex
      button_name: LIVETV
      command_name: PLAY

The plex_to_livetv script defines the entities that display in the front end (in this case buttons). Each button differs only in the name, icon, the button’s service name and service data (parameters).

I hate to replicate a bunch of definition code for each of a lot of buttons if I can call it as a script.

Possible? Maybe the entity card with the call-service feature? I don’t know how to use it as a service pass-through.

Take a look at the demo; particularly the input selects in the Entertainment card. I think that’s your best bet.